Textiles as Art

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Textiles as Art: Paisley

Designer Fabric Upholstery Weight 2 yds. Jacquard
Many a man & woman has had a love affair with fabric. One would have to admit that he or she relishes the refreshing feel of a handkerchief cotton or linen next to their skin. Or better yet the indulgent experience of sinking into a sumptuous velvet sofa or slipping into an elegant evening gown.

As for the innumerable patterns and textures, textiles are intriguing as they are practical. Textiles in and of themselves are an Art form. Those who create them are not only artisans but artists.

Here we are offering one of our favorites: the Paisley, Persian & Indian in origin, a tear droplet. This selection is more of a contemporary interpretation, softer than the customary bold & bright patterns normally associated with paisley.

Having worked in New York City Fashion houses, we know fine fabrics when we see them. We are pleased to bring you pieces from our 'stash': new ones such as this
paisley and vintage too.

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