Walls Do Talk!

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Art Magnet Paintings

Amazon Rainforest ACEO Metallic Magnet
Walls Do Talk!
In order to supplement our fine art, we work alongside interior designers & architects to implement their visions. We also have our fair share of private clientele for whom we create. It is through the latter that we have developed custom finishes for the walls of their homes, offices, etc... In doing so, I, Grace, (aka CrazieGracie8) have taken the large scale concepts and made them into "Specialized Designs"....... These Art Magnet Paintings utilize the very same materials, however, instead of a wall, or a ceiling, I use 20 mil Artboard, 20 mil magnet backing, metallic foils and eco-friendly paints to adorn these lovely abstractions. The technique involves paints, glazes all manipulated to created the overall feel of each piece. The final steps are the layering of the various colors of metallic foils (copper, bronze, silver, holographic golds) Lastly the full coverage magnet is applied as a backing providing that nice "slap" on the metal surface, ready to hold your pictures, & notes in style.

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